At Charging Bison Outfitters, we take pride in the quality and ethical production of our products, and this is reflected in our sourcing process. We have carefully selected Bangladesh as our primary sourcing location due to its reputation as the world’s second-largest producer of ready-made garments, as well as its commitment to ethical and sustainable production practices.

Our production facilities in Bangladesh adhere to strict ethical and environmental standards, ensuring that all of our products are produced in a safe and responsible manner. We do not tolerate any form of child labor, and we ensure that all of our workers are paid fairly and provided with safe working conditions.

Moreover, we believe that our sourcing process not only benefits our company and our customers but also the local communities in Bangladesh. By partnering with local manufacturers, we are able to support the local economy and provide employment opportunities for individuals in the area.

Overall, our commitment to ethical and sustainable sourcing in Bangladesh allows us to deliver high-quality and responsibly-made products to our customers while supporting a positive impact on the global community.

We produce from our own garments factory located in the capital city, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It has ISO 9001 certification, which is a quality management system standard that ensures that our company’s products and services meet customer requirements and comply with regulatory requirements. In addition, it has ISO 14001 certification, which demonstrates our commitment to sustainable and responsible production practices.